Top quality, well trained, experienced. These are the common buzzwords, but what do they actually mean?

At AMOS, all officers meet the requirements of training according to the state of California. They are all background checked by both State and Federal (FBI) authorities. Then we check them, too. (California state law actually allows a convicted felon to be licensed as a security guard.) Criminal history, employment history, personal history. When the initial screening is complete and we have accepted the applicant they move on to the next phase – training. Each new employee spends two weeks training with a certified training officer. During this time they will demonstrate their knowledge of state law (both criminal and civil) and perform all duties under close supervision, ensuring that they understand and accept all client requirements as well as the AMOS philosophy as outlined in the Home and About Us pages of this website. Any shortcomings in their knowledge or performance are identified and rectified. Only then are they considered acceptable to provide service to our clients without constant direct supervision.

They continued to be closely monitored though, through such means as vehicle tracking, electronic sign-in and reporting. This ensures that any anomalies will be quickly detected and corrected. Finally, our patrol officers enjoy a higher average pay than most security patrol companies. This is one way that we create more satisfied employees, and more reliable service for you – our client.

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