Private Property Parking Enforcment

Private property parking enforcement is a very delicate issue with an extensive potential liability. This is why your parking enforcement needs to be a company that understands the law and follows it strictly.

A simple example: A person parks their car in a fire lane. The security company comes along and places a boot on the car in accordance with the written instructions from the property manager. The vehicle owner returns and contacts the security company who, after collecting the prescribed fee, remove the boot and allow the owner to drive away. Seems simple, right? It is and there are companies doing this right now. Unfortunately, under California state law, it is illegal for any but government agencies and their designated agents to boot a vehicle. This simple practice could open up the security company, the property manager, and the property to civil liability as well as potential criminal liability (illegally depriving someone of their property and charging a fee to return it could be considered extortion).

This is why you need a security company that stays up to date on the law and trains all their officers to comply with it strictly. While parking enforcement seems to be a straightforward procedure, the law has many details which your security company must know and follow to protect you from liability. At AMOS, our priority is to protect our clients from liability in such situations. To do so we educate ourselves from multiple sources (e.g. Vehicle Code, local PDs, etc) and continue to update that education to ensure that our actions follow the most current requirements of the law. Then we ensure that the officer we assign to your property is well-trained to ensure that they follow those best practices as well.

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